Sabbatical Log: November 10th

This blog series is running about a week behind my actual work, giving me time to clean things up.  The date the actual work was done is in the title, horizontal lines indicate when I stopped writing and started coding.

It’s the weekend again, so this will be a light work day. My main goal is to get the collision code “multi-polygon aware”, so I can flip on collision detection for trees and see what breaks.

While I’ve got most of the code updated, an interesting speed bump has occurred. My polygon partitioning code isn’t very fast, and with a very complex (and concave) polygon like the tree’s hit map it takes minutes to come to solution. I suspect the main problem is that the algorithm looks for an ideal solution, which isn’t really what I need.

I started down the path of optimizing the algorithm (adding caches, removing allocations, avoiding intermediate objects, etc.), but I’ve decided to abandon that for now and try something “dumber” but more elegant. I’m going to try very simple partitions along the axises for polygons with greater-than-some-number-of-vertices, and see if I can just get the problem reduced into something tractable. Ultimately we don’t want ideal decompositions, we want correct and comprehensible ones.

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