Sabbatical Log: November 18th

This blog series is running about a week behind my actual work, giving me time to clean things up.  The date the actual work was done is in the title, horizontal lines indicate when I stopped writing and started coding.

I seem to have wrenched the hell out of my neck somehow, so I don’t know if I’ll get to any coding at all today. We’ll see.

Here’s where I left off yesterday

The swing logic works, though the animations themselves need some fixing. I also need to do the swing animations when facing up and down.

Can’t say my neck feels great, but I managed to fix up the animations for swinging. I also found a fun bug

That’s a consequence of some “keep the player in bounds”-checks being applied to all collision-having entities. Easy enough to fix, but a fun find.

I’ve now got all 4 swing directions working. I also fixed an interesting bug where newly created swords would get 1-frame of incorrect positioning: this was caused by the enumerable passed to the SwordSystem not containing the new sword, since it was bounded by the number of entities that existed at ASystem.Update() calltime.

I’m not going to be getting any sprite animator job offers, but it’ll do. I’m going to define hitmaps for the sword swipes, and then probably call it a day – maybe make another hot water bottle for my neck.

Tomorrow I intend to start having the sword hit things, walls and bushes to start with.

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