Sabbatical Log: November 28th

This blog series is running about a week behind my actual work, giving me time to clean things up.  The date the actual work was done is in the title, horizontal lines indicate when I stopped writing and started coding.

I’ve got a little bit of cleanup to knock out before getting to implementing an enemy, and I want to get allocated bytes and some GC states into a debug overlay. So I’m going to do that real quick.

Humorously, I did find a couple leaks with this new GC reporting – and most of them were in the “render this debug layer”-code.

(generations go left to right, so it’s 5 gen0 collections, 4 gen1 collections, etc.)

I did also find a bug with returning FrameState’s to a reused pool, and fixed it. There’s a more complicated issue around delayed loading of some types & delegates, in particular those around collision detection, which can cause some collections after reaching the stable state.

I could go and fix those, but they’re a fixed cost and frankly I want to get started on an enemy.

I’ve decided I’m going to implement a sword knight, my first enemy and probably my last task for this sabbatical.

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