Sabbatical Log: December 1st and 2nd

This blog series is running about a week behind my actual work, giving me time to clean things up.  The date the actual work was done is in the title, horizontal lines indicate when I stopped writing and started coding.

Family was in town on the first, I got nothing done.  But I did get a bonus day on the 2nd!

Logically, the knight knows how to chase the player now… there are some issues, however.

Just have to spend some time debugging here, then I’ll get to the user actually taking damage and recoiling.

The knight can now stab players, and it knocks the player away. As with other damage-y things, the player system is not actually aware of the knight or it’s sword – it is just informed that it was struck by something with the DealsDamage component attached to it.

Last task for the sabbatical, make the knight die when it’s hit by the player’s sword.

The sword knight can die!

And with that, my sabbatical is ended. I intend to write up a retrospective at a later date, but all in all I’m pretty happy with my progress and I learned a lot. Definitely ready to get back to work and see all my Stack Overflow people again though, a month of not working is quite enough.

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