Code Warriors Privacy Policy

Code Warriors does not collect, store, or otherwise transmit personally identifying information during normal operation.

Any information gathered under other circumstances (from, for example but not limited to, bug or crash reports, traffic logs, and in-app purchases) will not be shared with any third-party beyond those necessary to complete any operation.  By way of example, in-app purchases necessarily involve Microsoft and your payment processor; similarly, the hosting service for this domain necessarily has access to traffic logs.

Sharing And Challenges

When sharing Warriors or issuing challenges you choose to communicate with another person and thereby identify yourself, Code Warriors does not anonymize these communications.  Code Warriors also does not transmit that a challenge has been issued, accepted, or completed to any parties other than the two users involved.

Updates To Privacy Policy

This document is subject to change at any time.  If the changes are significant, the Code Warriors app may notify users more prominently.

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